Sunday, February 11, 2018

Prayer Shawl or Lapghan Pattern

Photo © Copyright 2018, Pam Halbert. All Rights Reserved.
Created for Holy Needles, Tucson AZ

4-ply yarn
N hook: this is the magic of the pattern.  The large hook gives this afghan a light texture, while providing warmth.  You can adapt the pattern to any weight yarn, and adjust the hook size.

Chain 100 (or any even number) for the width or length you want.
Turn, and in 2nd stitch, sc and hdc in the same chain (groupie stitch)
Skip a chain.  Repeat sc and hdc in every other chain to the last chain.
Chain 1, then turn.

Repeat groupie stitch (sc (single crochet), hdc (half double crochet) in between each groupie stitch (the smaller space).  Chain 1, then turn. repeat for the length you want.
Optional border: two rows of sc (single crochet) around the afghan.

40" x 40" recommended for lapghan
average size shawl is approximately 20" x 60"

© Copyright 2017, Jean Rodkey. All Rights Reserved. Created for Holy Needles, Tucson AZ

please do not copy and claim as your own. link to this post. thank you. feel free to create charitable items with this pattern.