Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video on How to Create a Crocheted Border on Fleece

Left hand Crochet Fundamentals


Consider (Machine) Sewing an Applique

Here's a link on how to sew an applique.  Another idea for blankets!


Consider Creating an Applique...

link to how to create an applique...


The Blanket Stitch... Perfect For Edging Fleece!

Here's some references to making the blanket stitch... great stitch to edge the shawl/lap blanket, a scarf, or any blanket, or use your imagination!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Creating a Shawl/Lap Blanket for Casas Homebound

WOW! Holy Needler's are off & running with creating lap blankets for the homebound/elderly!  Holy Needles is involved in a joint venture with the Rohring On Homebound ministry at Casas Church.  When someone visits a 'homebound' Casas member, in a private home, a group home, or an assisted living facility, they can gift the person with a lap blanket. 
Besides lap blankets (as seen in the prior blog entries), Holy Needler's can also create/decorate shawls, which can do double duty as a lap blanket as well. 
Our member, Joyce, has altered a pattern to create a nice looking, functional shawl/blanket!  Thank you Joyce! 
Come join us at a Holy Needles meeting, or work strictly from home if you can't make a meeting... grab a piece of fleece and decorate it as you wish.  Edge with a nice blanket stitch, or create a nice single crochet edge, or bind the edge in fabric, or combine fleece with other fabric, or ??? ... you are free to use your creative mind!  
These items for homebound will also have a Casas Church label sewn on them.  Thank you to Cecilia, who will be machine embroidering Casas Church for us, creating sew-on patches! 

Joyce is busy laying her pattern on a cut piece of fleece.

Joyce is busy, busy, busy working on cutting the fleece.  She cut out at least 10 shawl/blankets, and with the remaining pieces, she will create about 40 scarves for donation to Samaritan's Purse worldwide programs!

Some Black Fleece Creations!

Using the donated high quality fleece from Polartec!!

a few different colored edged blankets... simple & cozy. these were created by busy Holy Needler's hands, for the elderly as lap blankets... match with a cute beanie, and they'd make a nice newborn blanket as well.

adorable fleece baby blanket with fabric-created balloons

beautiful work for one blessed baby!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holy Needles can now HELP Casas homebound & beyond!!

Holy Needles is joining forces with another ministry group at Casas Church!

We will now be creating lap blankets... yep, lap blankets.  The same size as the infant blankets, a 1-yard square.  The fleece from Polartec will also be used to create lap blankets for the homebound program at Casas Church, called Rhoring On (named after founder).  (The homebound are in private homes, group homes, and/or assisted nursing facilities.)  Since the fleece is 70" wide, a one yard piece will make 2 blankets.  If you would like to be involved with this project, come to a Holy Needles meeting and cut yourself some fleece

We also have knit & cotton blend fabric, as well as yarn, that can be used to create lap blankets.  It's all been donated, for your use, for creating with your busy helping hands

Remember, some of the homebound are in wheelchairs, so it's important not to create anything that might get caught on a wheelchair or other medical equipment. 

Please share your ideas & enjoy the joy of giving to others!!

(we are hoping that some generous soul can embroider Casas Church to the lap blankets)

Another Fleece Creation!

single crochet edge on Polartec fleece

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

563 Newborn Items Delivered to Tucson Hospitals!

On Tuesday, June 8th, Holy Needles delivered a total of 563 items to Tucson hospitals!!  There were 150 beanies for University (AZ) Medical Center nursery.  El Rio Birth Center received 75 beanies. Northwest Medical Center, Women's Center got 338 items, consisting of 45 blankets, 96 beanies, and 197 booties... yes, that is 197!

Martha McKibben (Social Worker) and Kathy (Nurse) at Northwest Medical Center's Women's Center accept hundreds of newborn items created by Holy Needles members!

150 beanies were delivered to UMC nursery!

Mary & Pat enjoyed experiencing the deliveries of the many items they, & many others, have created for Tucson's newborns!

Olga Ryan, RN, of El Rio Birth Center was so happy to receive 75 beanies for their healthy newborns!

just a sampling of the beautiful items created for needy newborns,
by talented, generous members of Holy Needles!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Join Holy Needles in Making Scarves for Samaritan's Purse!

We will be making scarves for Samaritan's Purse!! I am compiling a handout of ideas... to make scarves out of fleece. When Casas collects & ships shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse, they will collect our created scarves and ship them to Samaritan's Purse as well.
Stay tuned for more info... meanwhile, come by one of our upcoming meetings and take home a cut of fleece to work with.

Meanwhile, here's a start to ideas for fleece scarves...


Dimensions of scarf:
children up thru age 8: 4-5" wide x 36 long
kids ages 9-12: 5-6" wide x 44-48" long
women/unisex: 5-8" wide x 54-60" long
men: 8-9" wide x 30 long

the polartec fleece is 70" wide. we can cut pieces according to the length of the scarf, and cut as many scarves as can get out of 70" width (8-17)

fringe:…. Cut fringe ½ - 1” wide, 3” long for child, 4” long for adult, or 1” or 2” long for a short fringe

options to consider:
o make knots on fringe,
o pony beads knotted onto fringe
o punch small holes along edges ( ends) & insert fringe (tassels) of yarn
o punch small holes in corners & attach 2 pom poms
o punch small holes in corners & bring together with one large pom pom
o glue &/or sew on appliqué(s) or crocheted flowers
o crochet edges (all 4 edges or less)

Cut longer piece, fold up both ends into pockets… stitch closed with any creative method.

Cut 2 strips, 3” wide. Cut fringe into both strips, 2” x ½” lengthwise. Tie fringe together in knots.

On a 5” wide strip of fleece, sew seam lengthwise. Cut 2” fringe in ½” – 1” strips on BOTH sides of the seam.