Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fellowship at the Holy Needles Meetings

Sharing our creations.  Getting prepared for another delivery.  Learning how to crochet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

29 Chemo Blankets Delivered on 9/30/11

On September 30, 2011, Holy Needles delivered 29 chemo blankets to oncology treatment centers in the NW region of Tucson.  When cancer patients receive chemo treatments, these quality blankets (made with Polartec fleece) will keep the patients warm and cozy.

blankets laid in a chemo treatment area

Arizona Oncology on Orange Grove received 11 chemo blankets.


11 chemo blankets were delivered to UMC Oncology on Orange Grove.

Kim, a member of Holy Needles delivers 6 chemo blankets to Arizona Oncology in Oro Valley.

Fundraiser Success!! Quilts and More Raffled and Sold.

On September 24, 2011, at Casas Church Women's Breakaway (retreat), Holy Needles donated 3 long beautiful scarves to women at the retreat.  Holy Needles also raffled off 3 quilts, created and donated by members, and also sold a variety of items created by members. 

Funds received allowed Holy Needles to buy much-needed soft yarn, a large amount of fleece (for blankets), a couple rotary cutters, a large self-healing mat (for cutting fleece), and a number of skip-stitch blades used to cut holes into fleece (every 3/8") for crocheting an edge. 

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who donated to Holy Needles.  There are many newborns who will now have something to go home with when they leave the hospital.

Elaine & Kim helped at the Holy Needles table.

the winner of the Candy Land quilt was Christy Holden

the winner of the Christmas season quilt was Vi Bernard

the winner of the holly and birds prayer quilt was Diane Stephens


215 Items Delivered to Crisis Pregnancy Center, Hands of Hope, Tucson on 9/20/11

215 items delivered to Crisis Pregnancy Center... 20 blankets, 20 beanies, and 175 sets of booties!

booties are displayed on bookshelf. whenever a woman has a positive test, she receives a set of booties.

we received a tour from a helpful volunteer


Delivering 150 Beanies to UAMC 9/20/11

150 beanies delivered to University of Arizona Medical Center (UAMC).

Northwest Medical Center 550-Item September 20, 2011 Delivery

550 items delivered to the Women's Center at Northwest Medical Center, Tucson.  That's 196 blankets, 225 beanies, and 129 booties!!  Such a wonderful delivery of Holy Needles' creations!

beautiful quilts!

Kim, Terry, and Elaine enjoy participating in the delivery!

The nurses at Northwest enjoy accepting the newborn items. 
They love handing out the items to the newborn's families!

Kim holds up a gorgeous quilt, created by a member of Holy Needles!

That's Elaine hiding behind those blankets!

beautiful booties!

 many comfy blankets... created by making a crochet edge around a yard of fleece
that has been trimmed and holes created every 3/8" of so.

Donna, Kim, Terry, and Elaine enjoy making the deliveries.