Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Northwest Medical Center 550-Item September 20, 2011 Delivery

550 items delivered to the Women's Center at Northwest Medical Center, Tucson.  That's 196 blankets, 225 beanies, and 129 booties!!  Such a wonderful delivery of Holy Needles' creations!

beautiful quilts!

Kim, Terry, and Elaine enjoy participating in the delivery!

The nurses at Northwest enjoy accepting the newborn items. 
They love handing out the items to the newborn's families!

Kim holds up a gorgeous quilt, created by a member of Holy Needles!

That's Elaine hiding behind those blankets!

beautiful booties!

 many comfy blankets... created by making a crochet edge around a yard of fleece
that has been trimmed and holes created every 3/8" of so.

Donna, Kim, Terry, and Elaine enjoy making the deliveries.

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