Thursday, April 21, 2011

Terry's Crochet Booties... Fast & Easy!

Terry’s Crochet Booties

Newborn booties are 3 – 3 ½ inches long.

Use yarn and hook necessary to obtain size. Suggest 4-ply soft worsted yarn, and H hook.

Chain 22 stitches.

First row: sc starting in second stitch from hook in back loop only to create a ridge. At the end of the row, chain 2, then turn.

Round 1: dc across. At end of row, chain 2, then turn.

Round 2: dc across. DO NOT chain 2 at end of row.

Round 3: slip stitch first 4 stitches, then chain 2 and dc across, leaving last four stitches to match other end of round 3. At end of row, chain 2, then turn.

Round 4: You can hdc across or use the shell pattern. There are enough stitches to make 3 shells, skipping a stitch in-between shell and slipped stitch.

To finish, fold in half with the starting yarn on right. Cut off a portion of yarn, and slip stitch bootie together. You can finish with yarn to make a bow. Bootie top can be folded down, or you can leave it up.

© Copyright 2011, Terry Boyle. All Rights Reserved. Created for Holy Needles, Tucson AZ

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hundreds of Newborn Items Delivered to Northwest Medical Center

On March 15th, Holy Needles members delivered hundreds of items to Northwest Women's Center, to be distributed to the newborns.  Such a rewarding experience for all involved!

Terry, Pam, and Ginny enjoy delivering newborn creations that they were involved in creating!

Pam, Ginny, Donna, and Terry enjoy the joy of delivering newborn items to NWMC.

Staff at NWMC are thrilled to receive the beautiful newborn items!

Holy Needles is Now Making Deliveries to Hands of Hope

In March and April 2011, Holy Needles delivered 124 items to Women's Pregancy Centers of Tucson, to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  We delivered sets of 30 beanies and 30 blankets, and 64 booties. 

Boxes of beautiful blanket and beanie sets, and booties!

Booties! Beanies! Blankets!

120 Baby Beanies Delivered to University Arizona Medical Center (UAMC) Tucson

On March 15th, Holy Needles members delivered 120 beautiful, handmade beanies for their newborn babies.

Holding some of the beanies, Terry, Pam, and Ginny pose with some of the staff of UMCls nursery.

Staff members of UMC's nursery appreciate the donation of beanies created by Holy Needles.