Monday, May 31, 2010

Black Fleece With Crocheted Edge Makes Beautiful Baby Blanket

beautiful blanket & beanie created by Pam

Friday, May 28, 2010

HUGE Donation of Fleece Received From POLARTEC

A few months ago, Donna sent an email to Polartec in Massachusetts, asking them if they had some scraps or end pieces lying around that they might consider donating to Holy Needles. The response from Polartec was overwhelming! Polartec sent us 12 rolls of their high quality fleece... that is 750 yards of 70" wide fleece! Phenomenal!! The response was FAR beyond no expectations! Thank you again Polartec for your awesome generosity!

The 12 rolls consume a lot of space! Besides the 7 rolls that are still currently in Donna's garage, 2 rolls have been cut into workable pieces, and Casas Church gave Holy Needles some space in a shed, where there are 3 more rolls.

Dave Vroom of Vroom Engineering in Tucson, donated 2 metal stands and a long pole to Holy Needles, ideal for easier manipulation of the rolls for cutting. Thank you again Dave!

...view this video about Polartec's high quality fleece!

All of the fleece is black. Many of new, young mommies like to decorate their babies' rooms in black with such colors as white, red, and teal. Holy Needler's are crocheting edging on 3-foot square pieces of fleece in these popular contrast colors. Others have created appliques to apply to the fleece as well. It's an opportunity for creativity to flourish!!

Due to the generous gift of fleece from Polartec, we are looking for other organizations who can benefit from our donations. Since black isn't the ideal color for infants, we are broadening our horizons & seeking out other places to donate our fleece blankets. Haven't joined Holy Needles yet? This is a great time to do so... everyone can create fleece blankets! You can cut, tie knots, sew, crochet edges, create appliques... from the most simple craft & beyond... whatever works for you!

There are many people in our community who benefit from what Holy Needles creates!
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