Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Easy Knit Infant Beanie... Ribbed

Easy Knit Ribbed Newborn Beanie

Materials: 4 ply washable yarn and size 6 or 8 needles.
Cast on 66 stitches. P1 for 1".  In stockinette (k1, p1), knit until length is about 6".

Cut yarn (leave a 14" tail of yarn).  Run threaded needle through remaining stitches on knitting needle, while removing knitting needle.  Pull to draw closed.  Sew side seam, or crochet with slip stitch.  Add pompom or other decor to top if desired.

Weave in ends.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finishing a Beanie: Weaving in the beginning yarn tail.

How to finish a beanie: weaving in the yarn tail at the beginning of the beanie.

At the top (beginning) of the beanie, thread the yarn tail into the needle.  Insert the needle in a counterclockwise direction, placing the needle between the inner and outer stitches, so that it is invisible, both inside and outside. 

Work between about 5 or 6 stitches at a time, working your way around the circle (counterclockwise).  Notice how the circle closes as you proceed.  When it feels secure, you are done!  Cut the yarn close to the beanie. 

The finished product!  This will insure survival from handling and washing.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Foundation... NO chain

Here's a great site with descriptive diagrams of how to create a foundation chain of single crochet.  Great when creating something like a scarf lengthwise, where you don't want a chain foundation that might tug and pull too much.   http://snuffykin.livejournal.com/43642.html

Holy Needles' Crochet Booties in the Round - Revisited

These booties are crocheted in the round, are very easy to make, and require no sewing of seams! Enjoy creating these beautiful booties for a newborn, or adapt for larger sizes.

Materials:  G, H, or I hook, & soft worsted yarn, such as simply soft.

The length of a newborn’s foot is 3 – 3.5 inches. Everyone’s tension is different, and hook size and yarn type all make a difference.  When in doubt, rip it out! 


R1: ch 2; 15 dc in 2nd chain from hook. (15)

R2-4: ch 2, 1 dc into each st. Join with sl st into 1st dc. (15)

R5: ch 2, dc into next 12 st, leaving last 3 sts undone. Ch 2, turn. (12)

R6: dc into each st. ch 2, turn. (12)

R7: dc in each st. (12)

With right sides together, sl st back seam. Pull long loop along seam (or you can sl st 1/2 way up the back to decrease loop length, and decrease tension). Remove hook and turn bootie right side out.

Cuff: Insert hook into top of bootie just to left of back seam.

R1: pull loop through, and ch 2. Work 16 dc evenly around top edge. Join with sl st into 1st dc. (16)

R2: ch 2, dc (or ch 1, sc or hdc) in each st around. (16)


Edging: ch 1 and sc in each st. Join with sl st. (or use any stitches you desire!) Fasten off and securely weave in ends. Do NOT knot your work… weave back and forth inconspicuously instead.

Lacing: ch 70 to make ‘shoelace’ to weave in and out of the first cuff row created.

© Copyright 2012, Donna Bishop. All Rights Reserved. Created for Holy Needles, Tucson AZ

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