Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets... Thank You, Polartec!

Getting ready to deliver 200 blankets to Z Mansion, Tucson, for the homeless.  Each blanket is a generous 70"x90" size, and they are made of Polartec fleece.  In April, 2010, Polartec donated 750 yards of fleece to Holy Needles.  This gave Holy Needles an opportunity to expand it's ministry, to create more items for more people!  Among the items are blankets.  Blankets for homeless, for chemotherapy patients, for homebound, as well as for newborns. 

 Labels were donated to Holy Needles by Casas Church, and are sewn to the blankets.

Polartec fleece blanket for the homeless, labeled, rolled and held together with a crocheted band.

53 Adorable Fleece Bears Created!

Carol Smith was recently involved with creating 53 black fleece bears, which were delivered to an orphanage in Hermosilia, Mexico through Caring Ministries, in time for Christmas!

 Carol displays 2 of the teddy bears she created from our donation from Polartec fleece.

These adorable little bears will bring smiles to some special children!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

150 Beanies Delivered to UofA UMC Nursery December 1st

 150 beanies are stuffed in there!

 Susan & Maria accept the beanies created by Holy Needles

Susan & Maria @ UMC are thrilled to receive all the beanies from Holy Needles

 Linda, Susan, Maria, Donna, Jean

 beanie created for a newborn at UMC

Festive beanies created by Holy Needlers for newborns at UMC

Friday, December 10, 2010

557 Items Delivered to Tucson Hospitals December 1, 2010

Northwest Medical Center's Women's Center

 So many beautiful creations!

 Jean, aka "the bootie lady" displays creations.

 Hope, a nurse, admires the beautiful newborn items created by Holy Needles members.

an adorable pumpkin beanie!

 Linda, Donna, and Jean enjoy delivering all the booties, beanies, and blankets.

 So many beautiful items to admire!

 such an assortment!

 viewing the items across the courtyard at the Women's Center

 Chelsie, a nurse, loves distributing the newborn items to the new mommies.


 Jean & Linda enjoy the thrill of delivering the newborn items.

 Linda, Donna, and Jean from Holy Needles

 beautiful blankets

 bootie and beanie combos

 so cute!!

 this set went directly to a newborn & her mommy as they were going home

 how cute is that!

 beautiful set... perfect for a new baby

 hoodie blanket, hat & booties for a special newborn, made with love

 Martha enjoys being able to distribute all these beautiful items to the babies.

 Linda & Jean enjoy displaying all the adorable baby items

 gorgeous blessings!

Chelsie loves the booties

Martha enjoys the many gifts from Holy Needlers

 Hope finds so many newborn items adorable

Hope looks forward to being able to put these items on the newborns

Beautiful Christmas newborn set created by a talented member of Holy Needles