Friday, June 4, 2010

Join Holy Needles in Making Scarves for Samaritan's Purse!

We will be making scarves for Samaritan's Purse!! I am compiling a handout of ideas... to make scarves out of fleece. When Casas collects & ships shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse, they will collect our created scarves and ship them to Samaritan's Purse as well.
Stay tuned for more info... meanwhile, come by one of our upcoming meetings and take home a cut of fleece to work with.

Meanwhile, here's a start to ideas for fleece scarves...


Dimensions of scarf:
children up thru age 8: 4-5" wide x 36 long
kids ages 9-12: 5-6" wide x 44-48" long
women/unisex: 5-8" wide x 54-60" long
men: 8-9" wide x 30 long

the polartec fleece is 70" wide. we can cut pieces according to the length of the scarf, and cut as many scarves as can get out of 70" width (8-17)

fringe:…. Cut fringe ½ - 1” wide, 3” long for child, 4” long for adult, or 1” or 2” long for a short fringe

options to consider:
o make knots on fringe,
o pony beads knotted onto fringe
o punch small holes along edges ( ends) & insert fringe (tassels) of yarn
o punch small holes in corners & attach 2 pom poms
o punch small holes in corners & bring together with one large pom pom
o glue &/or sew on appliqué(s) or crocheted flowers
o crochet edges (all 4 edges or less)

Cut longer piece, fold up both ends into pockets… stitch closed with any creative method.

Cut 2 strips, 3” wide. Cut fringe into both strips, 2” x ½” lengthwise. Tie fringe together in knots.

On a 5” wide strip of fleece, sew seam lengthwise. Cut 2” fringe in ½” – 1” strips on BOTH sides of the seam.

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