Sunday, June 28, 2009

FLOWERS to Crochet

Flowers for many uses… to decorate gifts, clothing, purses, baby items, children’s items, for hair pins or barrettes, for over buttons…
This pattern works with many hook and thread combinations.

Chain 6. Join with a slip stitch to beginning chain to form a "loop".

Chain 3. (equivalent to triple crochet)
Work 2 or 3 triple crochets into main "loop", over yarn tail.
There will be 3 or 4 triple crochet in each petal. (use your discretion). Single crochet, then start next petal.

Work five petals. (3 or 4 tc, 1 sc)

Slip stitch to beginning petal.

Now using the yarn tail that you have crocheted to the loop, gently pull the center tight.
To finish off, pull yarn to back of flower, cut, and tie to yarn tail using a square knot.

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