Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 15th Holy Needles Meeting... Final Cutting of Polartec, Gathering of Many Creations!

Quite an active meeting...

 Piles of cut blankets for the homeless.

 Blankets (90"x70") all cut at one meeting!

 Pam & Clliff have the cutting process perfected!

 The last of 12 rolls of 750 yards from Polartec!

 Working with the final roll of donated fleece from Polartec.

 Elaine puts tags on the hundreds of donations!

 Linda & Terry sharing their crafting.

 Pat & Pat prepare chemo blankets. (yeah, she thinks she's hiding from the camera!)

 Jeannie and Joyce chit-chat as Cliff prepares to cut another roll. (and Joyce gets covered in fleece lint!

 Busy talented people...


 busy is fun!

 much to do gets done!

 Ginny, Pat, Elaine, Linda... they enjoy sharing their time & talent!

 Toni, Ursula, Ruth, and Bev... they enjoy time with each other at a Holy Needles meeting.

 Cliff & Pam are a wonderful duo!  What a team!  (in many ways!)

 Look at the experts!  ...cutting blankets for the homeless of Tucson.

 Joyce folds as Pam & Cliff cut.

 busy, busy, busy!

 so much to do!

 Beautiful scarves made by Joyce for Samaritan's Purse.

 Joyce counts the 152 scarves for Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child.

 Rolls of fleece in Casas shed before they were cut.

 Rolls of fleece and bags filled with blankets for the homeless.

Jeannie, Pat, and Pat... busy women!

Beautiful scarves made by Ursula for the Mongolia project at Samaritans Purse 

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