Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1294 Items Delivered to Tucson's Newborns & Children

1214 Beanies, blankets, and booties were delivered to local hospitals.  80 blankets were delivered to University of Arizona Health Center... for children who are receiving chemo treatments.

Delivery to Northwest Medical Center filled Kim's car!:

only a small sampling of the 826 items!

Pat, Terry, Kim, Donna

Joy is thrilled to receive all these newborn items!

There's no room to store all these items in the social workers' office space!

Loaded into the car with other deliveries...  Kim, Terry, and Pat are packed in:

Hauling Newborn Items into Crisis Pregnancy Center:

238 items to CPC

Unloading Items for U of A Medical Center:

150 beanies to the nursery

80 blankets for children receiving chemo


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